Systems of liability

Decay04 team have assembled the valuable data on russian military import logistics, encompassing among else West and former-USSR countries. The publication analyzes how deterioration of russian military-industrial complex infrastructure is superimposed with ceaseless abuse of colonial relations and Western business-as-usual attitude, all of which fuels continuing genocidal war in Ukraine and hybrid military domination and affection in other regions.

Western Sponsors

The work aims to show the names of the Western companies involved in the supply chains for the russian war machine. Despite the official sanction politics, various Western companies continued to supply russia with weapons parts, key electronics elements for its missiles, UAV’s, and other types of weaponry, as well as the other products of a civil infrastructure which find its final purpose in the russian military machine.

This is a war of extermination and genocide

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A full year has passed since the start of Russia’s new full-scale invasion of Ukraine. More than ten million people have become refugees and asylum seekers, tens of thousands have died and entire cities have been razed to the ground by the Russian army. Genocide is being systematically carried out in the Russian-occupied territories. Ukrainians are sent to filtration camps and forcibly deported to remote regions of the Russian Federation.

Why does Russia need this war?

How does the Russian military-industrial complex circumvent sanctions? A detailed breakdown of the UAV and X-101 into Western components and supply chains

The media resistance group have made an analysis of recently released reports on imported components and dual-use goods (such as: global positioning systems (GPS), microchips, electronic components, software, aviation equipment, pipes, ball bearings, and some chemical and biological instruments, including materials for both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons production) that are used by Russia in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles and in the assembly of cruise missiles.

Boycott those who help Russia

On September 21 vladimir putin announced “partial mobilization” in the russian federation. Just like “special operation” is war, a “partial mobilization” is actually a random mobilization of everyone they can get, and it is called “partial” in order not to provoke panic.

​​​​​​​After fake referendums, on September 30, putin signed a decree about the annexation of Donetsk, Luhansk, Herson and Zaporizhzhia regions. For any sane person though, all these regions remain parts of Ukraine as well as Crimea.

All this means that as long as russia has resources, the war will go on, and more innocent Ukrainian people will die.


We, the anonymous media resistance group, want to draw attention of society and fellow journalists to cases of inconsistent behavior of transnational corporations in the context of the war. With this statement we want to express disagreement with the policy of silent exit; we believe that lack of an articulated position only aggravates wrench of information practised by The Russian Federation government. We know that the corporations can influence public opinion if they make statements for their clients and employees, in which they will openly name the reasons of their leave from the Russian market.


It“s been eight years already since Russia has been waging a war against Ukraine. This spring”s 24th of February saw the shelling of peaceful cities far behind frontlines. It was the beginning of a new invasion — the war was then full-scale.